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This Garage  Sale is sponsored by the Red Mountain Ranch Social Club.  The 2014 RMRSC sale was again a huge success!    The social club meets the second Thursday of each month except December at 9:30 am at the Red Mountain Ranch Country Clubhouse to hear interesting speakers and presentations.  We also have many social events such as the spring and fall cocktail parties, trips to see plays etc.. You are invited to attend our meetings as our guest. You do not have to be a member to attend.

The dates for the 2015 RMRSC Sale will be announced soon! Look here first!

Congratulations Edith for being named the 2015 Social Club Publicity Chairman by our 2015 President Wanda Wimp.  I know you will do a great job.
As you know, I have done Social Club Publicity for some time.  This year's president Betty Day asked me to do her computer and publicity work as she did not want to deal with computer issues. I did that job for the last 3 years when she was our President.   I greatly enjoyed helping her and communicating with our membership through many e-mails. 
You may ask - Why are we so concerned about Social Club Publicity ?   During a Board Meeting when I was president in 2008 and 2009, our Social Chairman Donna Melton said   "We are not doing any outside publicity for the Social Club.  We have a wonderful club with great meetings, parties and events but outsiders don't know anything about us.  If you want the Social Club to grow or even retain our present membership, we need more publicity".  I took her comments to heart and started sending meeting and party articles and future announcements to the  "Up-Close Newspaper" and to the Country Club. Kim Phillips, owner and editor of the Up-Close Newspaper started to publish my articles and the Country Club started to include our announcements in their weekly newsletter set to members each week..
What happened is fantastic.  Our membership and dues income grew and we are now better known in our Red Mountain Ranch Community.  Because we send articles to the "Up-Close Newspaper", Kim Phillips thanks our club by publishing our Garage Sale Announcements free of charge.  She featured our Garage Sale Announcement this year on her front page in September and November and featured the Garage Sale Follow Up article on the bottom of her front page in the December edition.  This is free advertising which usually costs hundreds of dollars.  Partly because of the newspaper announcements, the 2013 Garage Sale resulted in an all time record of 182 households joining the sale.  Unfortunately this year's Garage Sale revenue was lower.
Lets keep our Social Club growing with good publicity and good leadership.  Let's take every opportunity to keep members and Red Mountain Ranch residents aware of the activities of our Social Club.

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