Welcome to the Red Mountain Ranch Social Club’s new website. We are constructing a website that will cover our activities, our membership and all the possibilities a social club can bring!


The mission of the Red Mountain Ranch Social Club is to promote the social and cultural growth of its members; to engage in educational opportunities; to encourage mental and physical health; and to facilitate community involvement for the benefit of society.


The Social Club meets at the Red Mountain Ranch Country Club (6425 East Teton Circle) on the second Thursday of each month January through May and September through November at 9:30 a.m. We welcome visitors and following the meeting we are available to answer any questions or concerns!

Please refer to the calendar for further information

  • Tours
  • Theater Trips
  • Gourmet Dining
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Fashion Shows
  • Sporting Events
  • Special Speakers
  • Holiday Parties
  • Educational Presentations

Officers and Chairs:

President Gil Broberg President@RMRSC.com
Vice President Jan Stamey
Secretary Cathy Barthel
Assistant Secretary Peggy Rice
Treasurer Jennifer Fortner Treasurer@RMRSC.com
Communications Chair Ewin Trapp Communications@RMRSC.com
Activities Co-Chair Ferne Zabezensky Events@RMRSC.com
Activities Co-Chair Katrina Shadkhost Events@RMRSC.com
Garage Sale Chair  Vianey Yurkovich
Sunshine Chair Vianey Yurkovich Sunshine@RMRSC.com
Program Chair Maria Hall
Welcome Committee Chair Mic Bagby

The RMRSC phone number is 480-331-6257

Please check back, we are building and adding new information all the time!