The annual Red Mountain Social Club Garage Sale is set for Friday,  November 12th and Saturday, November 13th, the second weekend in November. The cost is $15 to participate.

Remember all of those closets you cleaned out during the hot summer months when you couldn’t go outside? This sale is a great opportunity to sell items you no longer use and may be taking up space in your garage.  It’s also a great time to visit with your neighbors!
This is the only sanctioned garage sale by the Red Mountain HOA, and your fees pay for banners at the entrance to Red Mountain Ranch, maps of RMR with your address listed, information packets including signs and stakes, newspaper and email advertising, and most importantly, a liability insurance policy for the sale to protect you and your shoppers.
If you have questions, Sandy Balsley, garage sale coordinator, will be happy to help. You can call her at (208)313-5399 or email